Canadians in Disney

So I am planning a mother daughter trip for late September… just before the 50th, hoping for smaller crowds
We live in Canada very close to the Buffalo NY border
I am hoping to drive over the border and fly out of Buffalo, but I still figure we will need a covid test to get back in to Canada on our way back.
Does anyone know the closest place to get Covid tests near Disney? Has anyone gone to Disney from Canada post covid?

I know our airport has a testing site there. Maybe Buffalo will as well?

I know that there used to be a test centre near AK that was open to tourists, administered the right test, and could meet the 72 hour window required for border crossing.
But they may have dismantled it.

Of course, that’s the key. You need your results back or they’ll quarantine you until they come in. But they cannot be older than 72 hours or they will be considered invalid.

This of course presumes that the land border re-opens under the current guidelines air travel is operating under.

Yes all that is true
Thank you for your replies
I checked the Buffalo Airport and sure enough they have a testing site there!! I spoke to them on the phone and they said that I can get the test and the results within 1 hour.

I never would have thought to consider the airport…


Yes that is important… and the word on the street is the borders may be opening by the end of July … fingers crossed!!


I’ve had my fingers crossed for so long on so many things, I think I’ve got them in a french braid.

I’m a dual citizen and just drove back into Canada from the US - if you are a US citizen (or have a US SSN), you can get COVID tests for free at CVS, instead of the $225/person that the Buffalo airport charges. If price is a factor for you, it might help in your consideration. Just plan to stay a night or two in Buffalo at the end of your trip to wait for results.

Of course, once the border restrictions open up so fully vaccinated people no longer have to present COVID tests, it will be even better!