Canadians going in August

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Any Canadians have a trip planned to Disney World in August?
-Are you considering cancelling?
-Do you think the borders will be open then?
-Do you think we will need to self-isolate upon return for 14 days?

A few weeks ago I almost booked August, but I’m not optimistic either country will be ready for foreign visitors. Maybe WDW will be open, but I expect the majority of it’s patrons for awhile at least will be locals and nearby locals. (within driving distance).

I’m hopeful that our numbers will be going down and the economy can get back to business, but I’m not hopeful that everything or even the border will be completely open. I think there will be enough pockets of outbreak around to make people and governments skittish about reintroduction.


Ontario based Dis fan here. We re-booked our March trip for the last week of August. I’m really hoping that travel restrictions start coming down in June-July. But who knows? We’re in unprecedented times. I have a trip to Germany in June. I’m not holding my breath for that trip. Cancelling our March trip was easy, because we used a travel agent.
Good luck!

I have similar dilemma, but with cruise booked for January 2021. Now I am on wait and see approach. In addition to borders opening, there is a risk of low cost airline we were planning to use going bankrupt. And who knows, even the cruise line may not stay ‘afloat’.

I assume WDW would be relatively easy to cancel or re-schedule, but I would not book airfare just yet.

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Even if restrictions have lifted, the virus will likely still be in circulation then. I’d be asking the cruise line some hard questions about what arrangements they’ve made for emergency disembarkation and getting people home.


I’m hoping for June, but the way things are going, that is becoming less likely. We are not rebooking anything until they announce opening date & the when the border will open, planes will start flying. For, now, the money sits in a travel back good for two years, and I know my AP will be extended so I have 3 1/2 months from opening to go. (I’m one of the fortunate that already went 3 times since last July, the last being 2 weeks at the end of January when things were starting to shut down in China and we knew something was brewing…)