Canada Easing Up Travel Restrictions July 5

Looks like the mandatory 14-day quarantine regardless of test results with mandatory stay at a Government “hotel” will be eased up for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens (upon providing proof of vaccination).

We will still have to get tested within 72 hours of return and self-isolate until it comes back negative, but I expect this is a game changer for many of us.

Holy cats. I think this time I’m going to Disney World.


Hooray!!! This is fantastic news!!! (don’t let some people hear about it… or if they do, don’t let them rain on your parade when the whining starts/continues)


This is exciting news for you!!!

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Finally! Happy planning!


Finally! Cannot wait to travel again.

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What are the rules for incoming visits? My. I’m wants to go visit her family before we move to SC. (We are in NY.). She’s fully vaccinated and has dual citizenship.

I’d be happier if fully vaccinated = no testing or isolating at all. I don’t have enough vacation time to be spending extra days on isolating.


Agreed. It’s great that it’s only until your test results come back but it’s a PITA.

It’s especially onerous for kids since they can’t get vaccinated and will have to isolate for the full 14 days.

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