Can you walk?

Hi. Maybe a silly question but we are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge in August for 2 weeks and it’s coming up to my 180 days to do ADR we have booked Boma for one meal and want to book Sanaa also the question is can you walk there from AKL?
Also a lot of our table services are at Disney Springs how much time should we give ourselves to get there from AKL on a evening?

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Great question. I know that you can walk to Boma and Sanaa. You can’t walk to DS… but how long it takes to get there depends on which mode of transportation you pick. I think a taxi/uber there and a bus back is probably the least stressful.

Thanks for quick reply I was thinking of going by Disney transport(Bus) there will be 9 is us most nights

Another Liner suggested this site…
It has a transportation wizard.

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Boma is at AKL Jambo and Sanaa is at AKL Kidani. Yes, you can walk between Jambo and Kidani: there is a nice path.
On bus transport to DS, once you get on a bus it is 15-20 minutes. Its the waiting for the bus that will slow you down. They are supposed to arrive every 20 minutes, but there can be delays. Make sure you build in time

Thanks for replying I think we got spoiled last year we stayed at OKW right next door to DS so most nights we would go over there after we had been to parks to eat most nights so that’s what we planned to do some nights this year😩

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There is a shuttle that runs between Jambo and Kadani at AKL. It runs every 7-10mins so there is no reason to walk. It is a small white bus that stops where the DME stops

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I always walk when I have the chance. The ride is just a few minutes but I would allow 20 minutes for the walk.