Can you walk to TTC from Wilderness Lodge

It doesn’t look possible from the map but I figured I would ask.

Someone once gave me a link to this:

It is awesome at figuring out what you can and cannot do.

But to answer your question: No. You cannot.


Thanks! This is great!

Thanks for posting this. It may come in handy!

Credit goes to someone on these forums. I just can’t remember who! I just kept the bookmark.

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I always thought it was a lost opportunity that WDW doesn’t have more walking paths from various resorts to the parks. I prefer walking when possible because you control your departure/arrival and do not have to rely on the transportation offerings by Disney.

In terms of walking distance, there is no reason why there could not be a walking path from the CBR resort (and Riviera) to Epcot’s Int’l Gateway. To cross the roads you could add pedestrian bridges or have the path go under the overpasses.

Similarly, there certainly could be a path from the GF to MK just like there is one from the Contemporary to MK.

With all the virtue signaling Disney does with regards to the environment, I don’t understand their hesitation in this area.

GF to MK means crossing the canal that the EWP barges use to get from “mooring” to the lagoon and back. Any bridge would need to be a drawbridge or high up, which means constant manning by CMs, which is why it won’t happen.

The walking route from CBR to Epcot would mean walking through the area used for fireworks storage. So it would not only be risky, but would then need to be closed from when the barges are loaded to when they return after Illuminations. Not really going to be practical.

Let’s face it, Disney are hugely risk averse. If they won’t add a walking path from AKL to AK, which only means a path along the verge plus a crossing somewhere, they aren’t going to go with either of the above options.

Edited to add: going from CBR the most direct route is to behind China etc. That’s thru the fireworks area. To go to IG means going through a lot of backstage storage areas, plus alon / through the emergency access routes to WS. Either way is problematic. A canal was considered from CBR, but in the end they went with the gondola due to these issues.

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I imagine this is the main reason in general for the lack of walkways. they of course want to avoid guests wandering outside designated areas.

I do agree that it would be great to have some more walking options, it would give more flexibility and take some stress off of the transportation system. Wilderness Lodge to TTC would be one, its only 0.5 miles. I personally wouldn’t mind walking from Contemporary to TTC either, it would be 0.8miles but there is the issue of the canal here as well, similarly as GF to MK.

Amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

Some kind of unique transportation option (aside from the bus) is sorely needed for this route. One of the perks of the deluxe resorts is the unique transport options. I love AKL but this could be an improvement.

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There are some plans but nothing greenlit.

Hints by those privy to the pitching process for ideas seem to suggest a light railway of some kind is the favoured option, which could be expanded to link AKL with other (unspecified) areas. Interestingly, gondolas are said to be unlikely for this particular transport link.

I think that is the map that @irenek originally shared on chat, although I am sure she would most likely say someone shared it before her. Sometimes the links/versions tend to fail but this seems to be a good one!

The page where it comes from explicitly states to link to the page, not the image. So that’s what I’ve done.


Yes, and it worked for years but then failed . I am glad it is working!