Can you use the single rider line on RnRC and get a Rider Swap?

Title says it all. 20char.

A) Who would you be swapping with?

B) That is one ride where often the single rider line is NOT faster and you’d be better off using a FP+ and doing swap if this is a case of 2 parents and 1 kid.

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Don’t have FP. Have large party of adults/ tweens and 1 kid who isn’t tall enough.

So you’d rider swap, you wouldn’t use the single rider line.

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This. Odds are very strong that you’d all make it through regular stand-by before one of you got through with single rider. And if you were all going to? I hope you were planning to spend all day there. I’m only slightly exaggerating. I was in the single rider line one time where they ended up having to do like three trains of nothing but single riders because we were literally smooshed in the holding pen to the point it wasn’t safe so few groups in the regular/FP+ line were odd numbers.

What about TT? EE?

Everest is always super quick (plus you’re not funneled into a holding pen) as a single rider.

I don’t do Test Track (yawn), so not a clue there.

But at any rate, I don’t know that they’d let you do rider swap for a single rider line. Just alternate who waits with the kid and goes after someone else gets back if you’re not getting fast passes and insist on doing single rider. And no matter what ride, you’re still looking at it taking a while to get a larger group through single rider because they are serious about you will be separated.

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I think it was RNR that I had the single rider and I said you are my single buddy. He said sort of but his wife was the single in the next row. I said I would switch so they could ride together. They did.


Yeah, because of the set-up where there is the curve in the seating area making it hard for the CM who’s sending people down to see, that ride often has even numbered parties try to split up as they get to their car. For a while they had extra CMs who were specifically to spot that and signal for single riders earlier, but that may have gone by the wayside because of budget cuts.

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It’s entirely dependent upon the quality of the grouper.

A terrible grouper will forget to send singles to join the odd numbered parties, both making the single rider line longer, and fail to maximize attraction capacity.

A good grouper will remember to send a single every time they encounter an odd-numbered party, maximizing ride capacity and making the single rider wait time shorter.

An excellent grouper will be able to quickly identify odd numbered parties and match them together, mostly negating the usefulness of a single rider line, but still maximizing capacity. They will use at most 1 SR per train, and lower wait time for the general queue.

Basically, if you’re in the main queue, you really want the grouper to be excellent.

If you’re a single rider, you really want the grouper to be good, but not excellent.

Nobody wants the grouper to be terrible.

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I’ve read that the reason the single rider line is so slow at RnRC compared to EE is just that, RnRC is loaded in the excellent way and at EE they load in the good way.

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I’d probably argue an “excellent” grouper is counter productive if the single rider line is open & should be avoided. When we’ve ridden single rider on RnRC we haven’t had issues, but have seen times where the single rider waits were pushing the regular standby line & thus just did Standby instead…