Can you use an apple watch as your magic band?

Can you use your apple watch as your magic band? My daughter has an apple watch. Can she use that as her magic band?

Yes you can. But if your daughter is on your MDE I believe only 1 can be set to “express mode” where you don’t have to pull it up first. You can just tap in like a MB.

Just click on the Magic Mobile tab in your profile to set it up.


She is on my MDE account. She’s 13. I’ll be using a card. And I assume the rest of our party (My brother, his 2 kids and my other teenager) will all be using cards.
Can you use your phone as your magic band? I have a pixel 4a5g

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My DH pulls up his ticket on his Samsung, I don’t know about a pixel but I would assume it will work.

I had all of my family’s cards saved to my iPhone wallet, mostly just in case there were issues with their old Magic Bands. When I first approached the styles, my Apple watch defaulted to one of my sons’ card, and we’d run into all kinds of havoc. I eventually removed them all but kept mine and things went smoothly from there.

This also happened to me. I had used my Apple Watch solo with no problem before.

13 year olds can have their own MDE account - I would create one for them and have them set up the pass separate.