Can you share a lunch order at Be Our Guest?

I see that Be Our Guest is no longer a quick serve restaurant for lunch and now has a prix fixe lunch menu. Our kids are 10 & 12, so they won’t be eligable for the kids menu.

Is it possible to split an adult entree with a child or do you have to pay $80 for each butt in each seat for more food than we want to eat?

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If it’s prix fixe you’re paying per person.


When we went, only my 2-year-old’s meal was free. Everyone else (3+) had to have a prix fixe meal. Maybe if you were super persuasive you might get a pass, but I doubt it. Plan to pay the full price for everyone at any prix fixe restaurant.

By the way, I’ve complained about this in surveys to Disney. My kids are so picky that I feel we not only waste money, but food as well. Everyone should give this feedback if you agree and maybe things will change someday. Or maybe not.


See, you are paying for the EXPERIENCE as much as the food, so I don’t see how Disney would allow you separating that out. Even if they shared a single meal, they are both getting a FULL experience.


What if we blindfolded one of our party when Beast walked in?
Heck is there a couch nearby for a postprandial nap?


Head to Skipper Canteen instead, unless your are dead set on seeing Beast and dining in his castle.

Taking my 2.5 year old here at the end of the month! So for our sit down meals, is she allowed to order off the kids menu for free? That would be great!

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In my experience it kind of depends. Some places let our under-3 order an entree off the kids menu for free, some places just brought an extra plate so he could share from our plates.

Be Our Guest gave our 2-year-old a free entree and dessert. She would have had plenty to eat off the plates of her siblings but she was glad to have her own!

Great idea. We will do Pinocchio lunch and then Canteen for dinner. I’ve only been to Canteen once, but it was easily one of my top 3 Disney dining experiences, up there with Sanaa and Teppan Edo.

Silly question. I’m going to be at Be Our Guest for dinner at the end of February, my daughter just turned 10. Can I just say she wants the kids prix fix menu? How would they know her age to give her the adult pricing?

I don’t think they’re going to ask for ID, I’m pretty sure if you say she’s 9 they’ll believe you. You may want to prep your daughter, though. :slight_smile: