Can you re-use a custom touring plan?

I’ve made a “test” set of touring plans for a future as yet unscheduled trip. I learning how it all works, and I actually wanted to pretend I’m in the parks and swipe/mark as complete, re-optimize, etc, to see how it works live and how things change as we face the inevitable changes ourselves. (See, I feel silly and obsessed typing this but I know you guys understand and don’t think I’m insane.)

But I thought I’m spending a lot of time on 9 carefully thought out plans for a 8 1/2 days at the parks. And I don’t want to do that from scratch again when we finally go!

When you mark things complete, etc - does that end the plan? Delete it? Should I make back up copies before tinkering with them too much?

Ah, I’m not the only virtual tourist out there! No, the plan does not get deleted, and any steps that you have marked as “done” in the app can be easily “undone”. It is still a good idea to make a backup copy of the plan in case you decide to do some “in park” tinkering during your “tour”.

You should be able to copy the plan, and start with the copy. The copy won’t have any steps marked as complete, and it’ll be fresh and ready to go.

Let me know how this turns out, please.

@len, one thing that I have noticed when copying a plan is that the copy does not have the same detailed information that the original does. For example, the FPP reservations and Plan Start/Stop are not saved. and the plan itself does not have the time detail (Arrive, Wait, Duration, etc).

My test pretend plan is for September 2015 (we can’t go until September 2016, so this is my way of tempering my excitement and impatience).

So, when that time rolls around I’ll resurrect this thread if it’s still available. :slight_smile: Or, at least point to it and make a new one.

Hmmmm…desktop, mobile, or both? I’ll check on it,

Desktop. Check out (original) and (copy). However, the Plan Start/End times are saved correctly - I forgot that when you click on “Edit” the Start/End time are overwritten with the defaults, so that is a different bug.

Ahhhh. Got it. I’ll ask the devs to look at it next week.