Can You Make Room Requests Of Royal Pacific Restort Hotel at Universal?

I know how to make room requests to Disney World but I can’t find any information about how to try and request specific rooms or areas of hotels at Universal Orlando.

Is there a way and has anyone done it?


You can request an area or room. Just call and have it added to your reservation, and ask again at check in.

I’ve read many people like building T3, closest to boat dock, or T1, close to waking path.

I have had success sending emails to: for Royal Pacific or for Portofino Bay or for Hard Rock Orlando

I have sent it as much as 6 months in advance and they add it to the reservation. You can do it later, but I do know they start assigning rooms at the 2 to 3 week mark, so you should send the request before then, if possible.

My requests are to get close to the water taxi and they have always matched my request. If you ask for a specific room and they cannot give that room to you, I have had them email me offering alternatives to see which alternative would best suit me.