Can you look at my plans and tell me if they look ok?

this will be my first time at the magic kingdom as a parent. I haven’t been in about 12 years so i am LOST!! lol my daughter is 5. Here is what my plan looks like so far. Can you give me some feedback on how it looks?

A couple of comments. After you use your first 3 FPs, you may be able to get additional ones from kiosks in the parks. For that reason, many try to get their FPs between maybe 10am-1pm. Have you checked to see if there are any earlier options for your FPs?

If park opening is still at 9am, then the BOG breakfast is before rope drop. If you have not already, you can pre order your food and hopefully get through it quickly. Although the TPs tend not to have you do this, if you want to see Anna & Elsa, right after breakfast might be a good time - I think it’s certainly worth trying to get straight to the area after breakfast to see how wait times look. A&E takes a good chunk out of your day.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is also a fair bit of standing around, so I’d personally not want to do it plus A&E right together. Maybe later in the evening?

The big thing I’m seeing is no break for dinner, and no break to leave the park at all. I don’t think 15 hours straight is going to work with a 5 year old.

Also, did you optimize or evaluate the plan? The wait times look a bit high for an optimized plan.

One other thing I’d add is that the meet and greet with Talking Mickey at the main street theater was far and away the BEST character greet of our entire visit with DS5. I’d try to include it in the plans.

I’m also not sure about Space Mountain with a 5 year old. I’d personally swap that for Peter Pan or BTMRR, if those FPs are available.

Just FYI, here’s our MK plan for late June, which has us spending about half as much time in line as you have on your plan - I wonder if you have optimized?

your plans arent loading for me :frowning: im going to mess around with my fast passes and see if i can get them earlier. my daughter is quite the thrill seeker so i think she will do good on space mountain. i optimized, and then moved a couple things around. i also chose minimize walking instead of minimize waiting. is that not a good idea?

Hrm. Maybe this?

I also used minimize walking. We’re going at different times, so you may have different wait times. I still think checking out A&E right after breakfast might help you.

I actually like your plan. You are using your FPs for the longest waits and planning shorter waits in between. You should be able to get into your BOG breakfast early if it is pre rope drop. I did the BOG to PP plan in April. I was out of the attraction within minutes.

still cant see it :frowning:

ive slightly changed it, but sticking with PP first and waiting on A&E i figure were going to wait for that anyway so i would rather get the stuff that gets long lines done and out of the way.

My suggestions:

  1. Go very early for BOG breakfast (they don’t really keep track of times at all), then you’ll be done by 8:45 and ready to go dash for A&E. I think this is really important. If you’re not close to first in line for A&E, then go to PP instead and do A&E as booked later in the morning.
  2. Thrill seeker or not, for geographic reasons, consider skipping space mountain with a 5 year old. Use the FPP for BTMRR, so you can skip Tomorrowland altogether in the morning and maybe head there later afternoon/early evening, and ONLY if you have the time/energy. If Space is critical, then I think you have it well placed right after CRT.
  3. After using your first 3 FPP, get a FPP for HM, IASW, or Buzz to use later (those 3 tend to have availability late into the day).
  4. I debated but I think I need to say this: I think this is an overly ambitious day for a 5 year old, no matter how perky and energetic she may be. I say this as a mom of very energetic 4- and 6-year olds. You may want to attend the amazing FoF parade in the afternoon so that you can ditch MSEP/Wishes if you wilt before late evening.
  5. On the same note, if, at 3 pm, she looks at you and says she’s had enough and it’s time to go, the day was still totally a win.

We ended up deciding to do two whole days at MK there’s just to much to do in one! What is BTMRR and IASW?? Space mountain is definitely a must for us.


Big thunder mountain railroad and its a small world.

I think that’s a great idea. :slight_smile: The second day should let you get to all your essential experiences and have a great time while minimizing overstimulation meltdowns. Have a great time!