Can you get to ECV rental before rope drop at Epcot?

Can you get to the ECV rental location at Epcot before rope drop? We will be at Epcot and need to rent an ECV. (We’re only going for 1 day so it’s cheaper/easier for us to rent from Disney vs. offsite.) Is the rental place before the ropes - can we get to it before rope drop? We’d like to get there early and get that taken care of so we can rope drop a ride. I know it’s to the left of the big ball, but can’t tell if it’s before or after the ropes…

Yes. It’s well before the RD holding area. As soon as you are past the entrance gates, look waaaaay over to the left and you will see all the strollers lined up. ECV rentals are in the same spot. I have not rented from the International Gateway desk, but it looks like those, too, are well in advance of the RD holding area.

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Thanks! We’ll be coming in through the main entrance (not International Gateway) so that’s perfect!

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The monorail runs almost right over the top of it, can’t miss it. Have a great time!