Can You Enter WDW via Floridian Place Road?

This is an odd ball question, but … can you drive into WDW from the north on Floridian Place Road? It comes off Reams Road by Disney University on the north side of the MK park and goes right past the Grand Floridian Resort if I am reading Google Maps correctly. I ask because we are driving down Hwy 429 to WDW next week and planning to stop at the Walmart on exit 15 for last minute stuff before checking in. Rather than get back on 429 I thought we’d drive thru the residential area north of WDW for the fun of it. Obviously don’t want to do that if we will be turned back at a Disney security entrance. Thanks

A few years ago when we took the camper with us the GPS had us coming in that way and I hit a WDW Cast member only gate. That was fun turning around. I don’t remember where it had me turn off Reams at but I do remember Reams Road it was 7 years ago and I haven’t taken the camper back sense.

But According to Google street view you can go from Reams all the way to the Contemporary with a few turns.

To answer my own question, yes you can. The road was wide open, as was World Drive past the Contemporary. I thought it was much easier than driving all the way down 420 to Western Way if you are staying at one of the MK area resorts. In fact when we left, my TomTom GPS routed me out the very same way I came in. This is my new “go to” route if we drive back.

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