Can you eat outdoors at Topolino's?

Hi All,

Staying at CBR for our trip in Nov. Already have a reservation for Homecomin’ one night but would like to do another sit down dinner closer to the resort. However, I am trying to avoid indoor eating during COVID. I have seen some outdoor pics for Topolino’s but can’t tell if it’s just a couple couches for drinks only vs you can have your meal outdoors. Can someone fill me in?

Also, is the cost worth it? I am totally fine with throwing down for a great meal but would rather save it if it’s just inflated costs without quality.

Thanks so much!

We had dinner at Topolino’s on our trip last month. The food was fabulous. The menu is quite limited at the moment so just be aware of that. I didn’t see anyone eating outside when we were there, but someone mentioned on another thread that you can ask to eat outside. They won’t guarantee it though because it depends on staffing apparently.

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