Can you change birthdate in Disney app?

I’m trying to figure out if I can change my kid’s birthdate in the Disney app?

Yep! In the App, at the bottom right, there are 3 horizontal lines (it’s how it looks on iOS). Click on that and scroll down to My Profile. At the top it shows My Profile and Family and Friends List. Click on Family and Friends List. It’ll show the list of people you’ve provided. Click on the right person and Update the Info.

Thank you for responding. I have tried that and it just keeps saving with the previous birthday. It won’t update when I make a change in the calendar. Do you think it would be better to do it on the website as opposed to in the app?

That stinks. It worked when I tried. I would try the website if it wasn’t working on the app though. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!

I can’t do it on the app either, it’s my birthday that’s wrong. I haven’t tried the website.