Can you can a fastpass and maxpass at the same time?

I’m going to DLR at the end of the month. I’ve used the fastpass system before, but this will be my first time using the maxpass. I was just wondering if, while you are waiting for your maxpass time on your phone, can you also go to the kiosk and get a fastpass for a different ride?

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No, the systems are linked.


While there’s no need to do so, in theory you could purchase MaxPass and use the paper fastpass machines to get a maxpass and it would link to your ticket which you could scan into the queue either through the app or your physical ticket. But once you have obtained one from either method, you can’t get another one from either method until the stated time frame is up. The only reason I could think of you’d want to do this is if your battery on your phone died halfway through the day so you couldn’t use the app anymore, but you would have wasted the benefit of MaxPass.

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