Can you buy ILL for park with just a party ticket?

Been trying to find an answer for this - and I know we don’t know definitively what will happen this year…

We have a trip planned for Sept. Our only MK time currently is planned for MNNSHP. Our companions have not ridden TRON yet, so that is top priority. I’m not concerned so much about getting a VQ, but can you buy an ILL at 7 am without a park reservation, just with a ticket to a special event?

Has anyone done this for previous ILLs at MK last year - 7DMT or SM?

Edited to add - if we don’t think we can, we currently have park hoppers and can make adjustments to another day to hop to MK for TRON, but that would be the only reason we hop, so if it’s likely we’d be able to get the ILL for the party day, I most likely will adjust our tickets before final payment is due down to single park tickets.

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I’m following!

I’m going to a MNSSHP night. I don’t have a day ticket, but will be there to get in right at 4pm. If I can get a ILL at park opening for a time between 5pm - 7pm, that would maximize my party time!

For the Christmas party at MK we were able to purchase an ILL for 7DMT on only the party ticket…


That’s good news! Do you know when you were able to do that… did you have to wait until party started, park open, or 7 am?

I was able to buy at 7am


Woo hoo! That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thank you!

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We were staying on property, though…is that still the rule to buy an ILL for 7am?


We will be as well… I was just concerned about the “no park ticket no reservation” thing and just the party ticket.


Just found the answer - will be VQ only it seems.

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I was able to buy the 7DMT ILL for use before the party’s official start time just on our party ticket. We were let in at 4pm, park officially closed at 6pm, and party officially started at 7pm. So, it might be possible to purchase an ILL for use between 4-6pm if you’re let in at 4 and park closes at 6. May not know until the day of or unless someone else tried it before you go. :blush:


I’m definitely going to try to get one after 9am / park opening for between 6pm - 7pm (I’m over at UOR, so no on-site 7am for me)

Getting to do Tron before the party starts would really “maximize” my time, even if I have to pay an extra $30! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I want to arrive and go see the Country Bears as I never have been able to!! They’re not performing after park close!

I would “like” to meet Mickey, if possible too, but I don’t think I have the time…

I’m definitely not waiting for a M&G once the party starts - no matter how much I’d like to see my old Pal again!

Trying to do a M&G at Town Square, see a show AND cram in a Tron ILL (if I even get one!) before 7pm seems unlikely!


What time does the park officially close on the evening you are going, and how early will you be allowed in? We were allowed in three hours before the event officially started, so that definitely helped!

Park officially closes at 6, we will be let in at 4. I think at this point I’ll plan on trying to see if I can get an ILL for TRON at 7 am, and if I can’t then we will count on trying to get in the VQ right at 6.


It’s a standard party. You can enter at 4pm, day guests leaving at 6pm, party at 7pm

I plan on leaving Universal around 2pm - 2:30pm to be at the MK taps before 4pm for party RD.

My issue is that nothing I want to do is close to each other & they all have long durations.

I have no clue how long the Mickey wait will be at Town Square with everyone leaving & coming in around that time of day. I’d presume it’s gonna be a long standby wait since I won’t use G+

Then, Country Bears is at least 20 minutes or more with wait & show and the walk there… CB are my “must-do”. I’ve waited a lifetime to see them and always get out voted about going in while I’m with my family.

Getting into the party and those two things could easily get you to 6pm or later…

If I do manage to get a 6pm ILL for Tron, I have to run over there to wait another hour in queue…

Or at 6pm I have to drop everything to try and get a BG and arrange my whole night around Tron… :frowning_face: :angry: :man_shrugging:

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They may not have ILL available from 6-7 if the park closes to day guests at 6. You might have to try and secure one for before park official closing.


So for instance, we have HS planned and want to park hop to MK at 2 and pick up our wrist bands at 4 to stay for the party. I would want to try for ILL between 2-6?


Yes, that would work.

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Yes! :blush:

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