Can you book EMM & add additional people later?

I’m strongly considering adding Fantasyland EMM to one day on our upcoming June trip. At this point, I’m just thinking I’ll purchase it for myself and two DD (11 & 12). However, I could see my parents (who are also coming with us on this trip) deciding later they want to come, too. Can I purchase 3 passes now, then add more later?

There is limited availability. So you can do that only as long as they haven’t sold out.

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If you think they might want to come, purchase all of the tickets now. You can cancel up to 1 day before you are scheduled (like a dining reservation). Limited availability means there may not be tickets for them when they decide they want them.


Never done EMM, but is it something you can cancel within a certain time period, or is it more like the parties, where once you purchase, no cancelling? If former, you could book now and cancel later? My guess is it’s the latter though

You can cancel. I thought it was 2 days out, not one but I’ve never done it.

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