Can you add MYW & Dining to a Priceline Express Reservation once linked in MDE?

Pretty sure the answer to this is no, but wanted to double check.

If I book a Disney hotel (not swan/dolphin, I know you can’t do the dining plan there) via Priceline express and link it to MDE, can I call Disney directly to add tickets (aka a magic your way plan) and the dining plan to the reservation? Trying to Disney math a potential trip during F&G, which is the only time a dining plan makes sense for us because of the QS to Snack credits exchange.

Pretty sure the answer is No too.

I know people have been unable to add extra guests when booked through Priceline, even though they were not over capacity.

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The DDP must be purchased as part of a hotel package and can not be added separately.


Yes, I know that but it is worded juuuuuuuust vaguely enough for me not to be certain it would exclude upgrading to a package as I’m not looking at JUST adding the dining plan, I’m looking to also add tickets and making it a hotel stay and theme park tickets. I know I can reserve a room only direct with Disney and then upgrade to add tickets and dining, just not sure whether it will work if the hotel is booked via 3rd party first.

Is this new? We had a ticketless package last spring but had to call to add it. If this is the case, I guess I will no longer have to consider the dining plan for next trip bc tickets already purchased.

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My understanding (which could absolutely, 100% be wrong) is that ticketless dining packages are allowed only for AP holders and military rate rooms.


That’s the official line. They have never advertised ticketless packages.

@momfourmonkeys, @crankyduck, AFAIK anyone can upgrade a room-only booked with Disney to a ticketless package. But to be fair, we are DVC so we can add it anyway.


Hi! Hope my brevity didn’t come across as negative! :smiley:

To be clear you’ll have to book through Disney to add DDP

This is from 2013, but AFAIK hasn’t changed

You can contact Priceline and see if they’ll negotiate a DDP on your behalf.

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I am regretting booking my Priceline Express Deal for April - although hopeful it will turn out fine, I’m pretty sure I would lose my money if the parks closed or for some other virus-related reason we decided not to go. If I had it to do over now, I would have kept my Disney room only reservation and kept an eye out for better discounts from Disney. I’d say go with Disney and then you can add the DP.


Oh heavens, not at all! I just felt like that FAQ was just muddy enough to not make me sure (and that might be more about my hope and less about actual clarity).

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I’m so on the fence about all of it. Being able to cancel with no penalties is attractive, but so are the amazing prices available vi priceline. And in our cases (you traveling in April, me in May) I think it’s pretty unlikely the parks will close unless mandated by the government (which is the case for the parks they’ve closed in Asia, they really didn’t have a choice) which seems unlikely for now, but, well, we never can know! I’m sorry this is stressing you out and will hope for the best for your trip!!

IME - The DDP isn’t worth it. You’ll save far more booking a PL Express hotel than the DPP. I rarely “break even” on the DDP and often eat not what I want, but what costs more.

If you are definitely going and can get a $50 - $75 hotel room, IMHO, you should book it.

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Not stressing, just a tinge of impulse-buy regret! But I think you are right, it’s unlikely WDW will close. I am taking a different group of kids over Memorial Day weekend and was tempted by Priceline Deal again but held off. Will keep an eye on it and can always jump on that even the week before if I want. I suspect the deals will only get better in a month or two. I noted the Frontier air prices for our STL-MCO dates have dropped dramatically.

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The DDP is absolutely not worth it for us on nearly every trip, but it probably would be for the Flower & Garden festival because we love to sample pretty much everything offered at the pop up kitchens, so the Quick service plan when you can exchange 1 QS credit for 3 snacks (same purchase) would most likely make it worth it. But I will need to sit and look over the menus & prices to figure that out for sure.

Decisions, decisions!

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