Can wine purchased in World Showcase be delivered to resort?

Random question I know, but…

I had planned to buy a couple of bottles of wine for my cruise in France while in Epcot on Day 1 of my visit. I was going to do the Illuminations Dining Package and then back to the resort, so it would not have been a problem to carry them. But now I am still planning Epcot that day but going to MK for Villains After Hours - and would prefer to not go back to my resort in between. Can they deliver the wine to my resort as any other package? (I guess worst-case I could switch and do MK on arrival day and Epcot on Day 2…)

according to 2017 moms panel, no :tired_face:

Ok. Switching my days is not a horrid option. Probably better now that I think about it.

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wait…i misread… you can’t have it shipped to your home. still searching on resort. the article i read made it sound like resort would not be a problem. sorry about that

I don’t believe that any food/drink can be shipped to the room for health code and legal issues (e.g it could be tampered with in some way, and if ill came of it, Disney could be sued).

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Do you bring the wine to dining with you? I was considering for my Remy dinner. Is it a $25 corking fee?

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I keep it in my cabin and get glasses from a bar. I’ll carry the glass with me.

If you take the bottle, yes, there is a $25 corkage fee.

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Not sure how valid this still is… but 2 years ago when we bought wine in EPCOT, they would not let us carry it out of the park with us (because they were glass bottles) and would not send it back to the resort. Our only option was to pick it up at guest services at the front of the park. Was a pain for us cause we were planning to leave right after we bought it and they said it wouldn’t be at front of park for pickup until 3-4 hours later. We ended up coming back the next day to get it.


I was able to carry it in February. They sealed the boxes but I got to take it with me.

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