Can we wear clear plastic face shields while on the rides?

We will be in the world at the end of August. I am very excited for this trip. My family is fully vaccinated. I’m concerned that although we may not get sick we could become carriers and thus spread it to others. To help protect us, I’d like to wear a face shield when in areas were social distancing is not possible. We would also wear masks as required by Disney on transportation.

If I wear a face shield will Disney make me take it off before getting on a ride?

I saw a CM make someone leave the line to get a proper mask :mask: telling them a face shield didn’t meet Disney guidelines BUT this was when masks were still mandatory on rides. This is what they were wearing

Thanks, I can see how a shield would not replace a mask. Now that masks are optional, the criteria may be different. Especially since they can’t ask who is vaccinated and who isn’t.

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Yes if you are wearing a shield and mask :mask: you’d be ok.

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Certain attractions will require guests to remove the face shield and put on a mask, but the guest may wear the face shield in the queue before boarding. Guests utilizing this accommodation should ask Guest Relations which attractions require a mask instead of a shield.

The issue, IME, is the concern of it flying off during a ride and hitting another guest. A face mask hurts a lot less when it smacks you in head than a big hunk of plastic.