Can we use a Star Buck's gift card?

Any chance you can use Star Buck gift cards at ‘Star Bucks’ in WDW?

Yes, I use my Starbucks card. You cannot redeem rewards but you can earn them too.


Quick addition to that: I’ve seen around the web (and confirmed on the app) that the StarBucks in Disney Springs you CAN redeem your rewards at as those two are company-owned stores instead of just a “branded one” like in the parks (friggin confusing that whole “branded, but not really a Starbucks” situation). So if you happen to go on your “birthday”…head over to Disney Springs and grab your freebie. :slight_smile:

But the ones in the parks themselves seem to be just as @PrincipalTinker said. (Which explains my confusion earlier as I had redeemed my reward at the Disney Springs one and thought they were all the same).

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Good point!