Can we bring food into the park?


We thought we couldn’t bring any food into the park, then after watching some youtube videos people seem to be bringing food and a lot of it.

The official documentation say is allow to bring “Small snacks that do not require heating”.

I know there are rules and then there is how flexible different organizations are at enforcing those rules.

Can we bring some sandwiches to eat while in the park?



Yes. You can bring in sandwiches and snacks.

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Thanks again darkmite2!

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You can bring in food. If you bring a cooler though, no loose ice…so use ice packs or something like that. :slight_smile:


Thanks BeckyT13 I didn’t know about that I could bring a cooler too :slight_smile:

Yep! I know there are some rules about things that tow behind you…like a wagon or a cooler on wheels. So bring one without that kind of tow-ability. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again BeckyT13! We got small cooler/bags so that will do