Can the Wizarding World One-Day/Two-Park plans be done in reverse order?

The plan has part 1 at USF then IOA and back, but on the day I’m going USF closes at 6:00 and IOA closes at 9:00. Is it as simple as inverting the plans, or will that break the spacetime continuum? :slight_smile:

We did both in one day last September. Rope dropped IOA (although USF had early entry), took the train over to the other park for a few hours. Got back about 5 and closed the park out, getting in line for Hagrid’s about 8:20. Got off just in time to see the Death Eaters out and about. Definitely possible - we did every HP ride multiple time (Hagrid’s 3 times - twice at RD, once at night), plenty of spells, plus a bunch of rides outside the HP lands. We even ate a sit-down lunch at Finnegan’s, which we loved. It was a long day - but we did everything we wanted.

Must add we stayed at Royal Pacific and had Unlimited Express Passes - which probably allowed us to do so much.


It doesn’t have to change much. Start the plan like normal, just remove going back to Diagon Alley. You’ll just end at Hogsmeade, a bonus is you can see the castle night show. You may want to stay in DA slightly longer in the early afternoon and explore.

This blog is similar to the official WWOHP 1 day plan. Just make sure to do Gringotts first:


Oh, I should have mentioned that. I’m not staying at Universal, so no early entry for me.

That’s quite alright. I’m assuming both parks have early entry on your date? The majority of Early Entry visitors will still head to IOA first.

Not sure when you are going, but if it’s during Halloween Horror nights, only USF will have early entry. You can totally rope drop IOA :slight_smile:
If both are having early entry, best bet is to hit USF first, then switch to IOA. I think it’s still doable!

My only Universal day is 8/31, and we’re going for Wizarding World only.

Better yet. You can rope drop USF. No early entry there unless it changes.