Can the same account be logged into MDE on different devices simultaneously?

I’ve heard different experiences with this.

Most people have told me they’ve been logged into MDE with the same, single account on multiple phones at the same time with no issues.

But I’ve heard a few people claim that they have been automatically logged out of one device once they’ve logged in on a different device.

I tried this myself and was logged in with my account on two separate phones at the same time, seemingly without incident, but I’m at home and not at the parks so no idea if that’s a true “real world” experiment.

Do we have a definitive answer on this?

@PrincipalTinker spoke to this being dependent upon whether your devices are connected.

Just this morning I was logged into my MDE via the app AND on a laptop, no issue.


I’m always logged in on my computer and phone. DH also uses my login when we’re at the parks and we haven’t had any problems.


I have an iPad and iPhone that are connected under my Apple profile. If I start a rely on the forum on my iPhone I can open my iPad to finish the post.

If I open MDE on one device, it closes the other. I haven’t tried since a massive FPP issue years ago.

I think it is an issue for a very limited group of people.

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I have been able to be logged into MDE on my iPhone and on my desktop (and logged into MDE Disney, DVC simultaneously too). Additionally, while on a family trip (a few years back) 2-3 of us were logged into my one account at the same time w/o issue. I will add that I whenever I open MDE app on my phone it takes a beat to load my name.

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