Can the Disney Vacation Account be used to buy "hard" tickets?

I know the DVA can be used to pay for rooms & packages, and also to buy park tickets. Does anyone know if it can also be used to buy tickets for hard ticket events like MNSSHP?

I would guess yes because you can order those tickets online and the Vacation Account can be used as a form of payment on the website.

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I’ve used a Disney Vacation Account to buy annual passes for the last two years.

@FlyerFan1973, quick question, I have a DVA and plan to use the funds to pay the difference between my park hoppers and an AP in August. Did you make your payments for your AP online or no? I’m trying to figure out if I need to request a Disney Gift Card from the account to make the purchase, or if I can call Guest Services and ask them to bridge it over the phone with the account number. TIA if you know, and TIA if you can’t!

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Did you make your payments for your AP online or no?[/quote]

I did pay online. I’ve used my DVA to pay for new APs and renewals online. As far as I know you can’t use your DVA to pay for anything while you’re in the parks.

I used my DVA to buy 5 days worth of tickets plus MVMCP tix. I believe you plug in your DVA account number, like you would a credit card number. No need for giftcards.


Yes. I just did it for the 1st Halloween party and did it two years ago for both parties.

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I used mine to buy my party hard tickets, but was going to upgrade my 7 day hoppers to APs when we get there at guest services. I’m thinking I’ll have to either A) refund the money in the account to my original debit card and then purchase a DGC to get them (if it’s in my account I’ll spend it hence the DVA to begin with) or B) have them send me the amount I need out of it already on a DGC.