Can’t find Room Request Tool

Hi. I am trying to do the room request through

However I am having trouble finding the tool online. Can someone assist me with that please?

It’s embedded within the “views from every room” segment of your resort page.

For example, here’s the one for the Poly:

Which resort are you staying at?

Easiest is probably to start here:

Or you can search for your hotel.

Pick the link for your hotel - here’s the Poly as an example:

Pick the “Use our exclusive room finder…” link. Then click on the building you’re interested in from the interactive map. Adjust the floor in the drop down & click on the room you want. A popup window appears with the view from that room or a nearby one. In the upper right there should be a yellow block that allows you to pick the room for the Fax request - you do need to have an active trip setup to pick it (which I don’t at the moment).


I found it! Thank you!

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