Can staff confirm Pop 1960's section still has standard rooms?

I’ve seen on the chat recently that two people have had standard rooms booked and have tried online check in for Pop and 1960’s wasn’t available for a choice in the drop down box under requests. It was available for me when I did online check in several weeks ago. My room request has already been sent with 60’s section as a request. I check in on Oct 31. Can someone on staff confirm that the 1960’s section still has standard rooms?

I wonder if the Skyliner has anything to do with it. They would be “closer” to transportation… hmmm

I had a standard room in Building 4 of the 60’s in December. Hopefully it hasn’t changed.

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What do you mean by someone on staff? Do you mean Len’s team on Touring Plans?

I have heard that not all sections at POP are open yet. Or maybe the drop down options just aren’t that specific. If your TP room request came up with standard rooms I’m sure it’s fine. But that doesn’t mean they are using the 60s block yet.

Yes by staff I mean those that run TP, like Len. I was able to choose 60’s section when I did my Online check in several weeks ago for a standard room. I want to make sure that the 60’s section hasn’t changed to all preferred rooms. It is very close to the Skyliner.

I also stayed standard in bldg#4 in the 60’s last month over Labor day. Great location. Lake view, less than 100 yards from the skyliner, and the main pool and lobby was just a short walk. Honestly thought it should be preferred but because it didn’t face the pool or the main lobby it was a standard room. I can definitely see them changing it in the future though.

You can tag @len or email to speak to TP staff.

Yes, most rooms XX13 - XX36 are standard view in the 60s.

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Thanks @len. Here’s hoping for another successful room request. I’m 7 for 8 success on my requests for room locations. I love Touring Plans!


I actually found the idea that a “preferred” room at Pop meant a Pool view room. We were placed in a preferred room, and frankly, being next to the pool like that was kind of annoying. Lots of noise, particularly when they are doing activities like trivia, etc.

To me, the entire 60s building should be preferred due to location (being perfectly positioned between the Skyliner and Everything Pop). Actually, the view from our room in the preferred section was partially blocked anyhow by the giant dancing people!

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@ryan1 you must have had a “preferred pool view”. There are also preferred rooms in the 70’s and there is no pool in that section. I like being away from the pool because of the noise you mentioned.

That could be. We requested a standard room in 70s, but we were upgraded to a preferred room in 60s…which was nice, other than the noise of the pool!