Can someone take a look at my touring plan?

Can someone take a look at my touring plan? I couldn’t get 7dmt fast pass or pre rope drop adr. Don’t you think I would be better off going to 7dmt at rope drop? Thank you in advance.

I would tend to agree. Dumbo has two sides running and is a short ride, plus it’s further into the park. While I think you would be on and off Dumbo very quickly and then in line for 7DMT, it’s my understanding that everyone flocks to the Dwarves at rope drop.

That said, I have a lot of faith in the plans, and when we’ve followed them we’ve done well.

I’m interested to hear what others have to say. Something is itching on my brain, and I can’t quite reach it, which speaks to the rationale of NOT doing it very first…

Do you have a Peter Pan FP? That does not look right either? I do not believe the 7DMT wait. I too would start with 7DMT.

Fwiw, I agree that you should do 7DMT first, then any other rides with longer wait times(like PP) unless you have a FP. I would save rides like the carousel until later in the morning- that thing never has a long wait.

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What are your 3 fpp for? I don’t buy those wait times at all for SDMT, PP or POTC unless you do have fpp for them. Our wait at POTC on a sunday which was a CL 6 was 20 min at 10am. no way is it going to be 7 min wait at 11:13am. check out the individual wait times for yesterday sunday 4/10:
is this your only day in MK? if SDMT is a must then you will have to head there first at RD unfortunately with the masses I would say. the other choice is to ride late at night or during fireworks but if you are leaving at 3:30 and not coming back then that’s not a choice. if you have little kids save dumbo for later in the day. the reason is is that the waiting area is a huge play like structure they can climb around in while they wait. my kids loved playing in there. if you let us know what you do have fpp for I think we can be of more help.

Im going to look at the wait times from sunday and move stuff around. Right now my FP are for Pooh, Peter pan, and Mickey (I didnt even input the fp’s yet because I was so worried about 7dmt. It is my only day there but I live close and have a 4 day park hopper good til the end of the year, so I could go back one more time. 7DMT is a must, im going to RD it. Thanks for all the help. I am trying for a pre rd BOG res but nothing yet :slight_smile: