Can Someone Please Look at My TP for AK?


I have created a couple of different TPs.

I am concerned about the plan linked below because I didn't create this TP the correct way. I made my FPP first, then selected attractions/meals, optimized until stable, and then added my actual FPP times into the system, optimizing again several times.

This plan is stable now but it differs from the TP when I follow all the guidelines/steps as listed here:

Here is my plan:

Because I didn't follow the proper steps, does that make the other TP more sound (as in a better overall plan and less likely to change?)

Thanks for your help!


Looks great.
If I was to make a couple of finicky suggestions, they would be:
1) If you're sure you won't be arriving until 10:30, then move your DINOSAUR! FPP a wee bit later, like 10:05 am. That way if you arrive a little early you'll be in the window, but you won't have to worry about missing it if you're a little late.
2) Consider lunch right after Nemo. The wait for food and seating will be less crowded at 11:30 than 12:00.
3) However, that means riding Everest right after lunch. It's not that extreme and so fine for most people... but if you have sketchy stomachs, then stick with your plan and ride Everest first.
4) If you're sure you won't be hitting Everest until after Nemo, then bump your Everest FPP to 11:30, so you'll have some flexibility for lunch/snack before or after Everest.
5) Move your Kilimanjaro Safari FPP to 2 pm so you won't be dashing there on "grace time" in case you get delayed somewhere.
6) If you have kids under 10-12, consider a 15 minute stop at anytime at the Boneyard playground.
7) Backup plan: If you timing gets all out of whack for shows and you just miss one, consider seeing Flights of Wonder instead if it fits your schedule (disclosure: it's my new favourite in AK.)
8) Backup plan: If it's stinking hot and the line isn't too long, hit Kali River Rapids BEFORE your Safari FPP, so you have extra time to dry off before being in the chilly indoor ITTBAB air conditioned theatre.


Thank you for all your helpful hints. I will make a copy and try to re-order things to see if it works out better.

Thanks again! smile


Did you remove your plan? I tried to look but it is not there.


Oops, I unchecked publish. Now it should be working. Thanks!


I wouldn't be too worried about squeezing every last minute of wait out of this plan. Your average wait per step is under 5 minutes. That's pretty fantastic.


Thanks for that smile Finally I feel like I am getting the hang of making my TPs. It's soooo good to hear that I am on the right track!


I have to say I am really concerned about your first two steps. If you arrive at Dinosaur at 10:46 there is no way you are at anemone 12 minutes later. There is a pre-show, line, attraction and then walk to Nemo. I love the rest of your plan!


UGH - okay, another quick question. Just when I thought I finally had a plan, I made a copy just to be safe, and optimized it just now. It re-arranged the entire day and doesn't utilize the FP for Dinosaur (it said it wasn't needed and switched it to a later time in the morning with an 18 minute wait).

Because the system re-arranged everything and I am now unable to optimize the original plan to get the same results as yesterday, does this mean that plan A (as linked above) is no longer the 'valid' or 'best' plan for the day?


I do not know the technical answer to your question but I think if you could get to Dinosaur by 10:15 you would have plenty of time ( even 10:20). The rest of your plan looks like all your FPs work and you have enough cushion for anything that could go wrong .


Agree with @PrincipalTinker. We rode it last week at 10:30 and walked on, didn't need a FPP, so you might get lucky and not need it! Depending on how quickly your family moves you might be able to make up some time on the pangani forest and maharaj jungle treks - I'm a huge animal lover (vet tech and work at a zoo), tigers being my favorite, and we still made it through each area in about 10 min vs 20.