Can someone look at my MK plans? We leave in 7 days!

Hi Everyone,

We are leaving one week from tomorrow! My husband and I are both elementary school teachers, so I haven’t been able to do lots of planning recently as we are busy wrapping up our school years. I would love any feedback regarding our MK plans (if I have time, I will post the other days, but right now I am also trying to finish report cards! Anyway, I realize we have no scheduled breaks in the mornings and little free time, but I am flexible and realize that if we need to stop, we will. The day after our first day at MK is a pool/relaxing day, so we can sleep in. The day after our second MK day is the day we leave, so if the kids are cranky, so what! We have a 4 1/2 year old, a 6 year old and a 12 year old. With a long afternoon nap, I am hoping they can rally until later in the evening when the lines shorten a bit. Also, we have fast passes for both the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes, although the TP isn’t showing that. So, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, anything great that we are missing? I really want to see the FOF parade, but would rather have the kids nap and come back later. Thanks a million!

Magic Kingdom plan 6/9

Magic Kingdom plan 6/12

I cannot see your plans. I think you need to change that setting.

Let me see if this works! Thanks!

The only things I noticed were first on day one you have splash before Big Thinder. Is there a reason? It seems to me that due to the queues Splash always seems to have a shorter wait, especially in the morning. Did you see what flipping these will do? I notice you have them flipped on day 2. Also, are you staying onsite? Where? It seems strange to me to come back to MK, do one attraction and then eat at a CS. Is this one of your favorite CS restaurants?

Thanks for your feedback! I will try to switch the order of the coasters in the morning on day 1. I also don’t have a reason for our weird schedule the afternoon we return to MK after our break (we are staying at CBR). We have a fastpass for Peter Pan at 5:10, and then I thought we would catch a bite to eat before getting ready for the evening. Perhaps I should move dinner back later? We are bringing plenty of snacks for our hotel, so the kids won’t necessarily need to eat right away. I have heard really good things about CHH and are excited to try it!


On day 1, the biggest thing that sticks out to me is you are going to buzz, then splash, then Ariel ride, then all the way back to BTMRR. You will exhaust yourself in these four steps walking all that way to buzz, then Ariel and then back again. I would either do Ariel ride right after CRT and then go over to Frontierland. And I would do Buzz around the time the other Tomorrowland attractions.

Thanks! I’ll see what reorganizing my plan and then evaluating does to it. You guys are fabulous - thanks so much!

I would definitely hit optimize a few times to get a more efficient order down.
You don’t have Astro Orbiter on there… I think it’s a great Dumbo clone, the best out of the three. I’d personally swap it for Tomorrowland Speedway, which is (imo) awful.

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You have a lot of cross crossing on your first day. I would do BTMRR and Splash back-to-back, then do Barnstormer, Dumbo, Pooh, 7DMT, & Under the Sea before you leave for break. When you come back, do Peter Pan & Haunted Mansion before dinner at CHH. (That’s one of our favorite CS on property, btw - definitely worth a visit!) Do Enchanted Tales w/ Belle with your FPP, then move on to Tomorrowland and do all of those attractions. Have fun!

CHH is the only QS in the MK that I will go to by choice (vice expediency) - good choice.

Thank you, thank you for your help!