Can someone confirm that these are snack credits?

I was searching the dining database in Touring Plans. I came across some entree items at Epcot that are DDP snack credit eligible. Can anyone confirm this?

@len, if I could also make a suggestion regarding the food database…I like to search the database to see what I could eat and where I could get it, but I don’t want to scroll thru all the beverages to find out what food is being offered. Would it be possible to add a search criteria for “Course Type” below “Restaurant Type” on the initial screen. That way we could limit the search to just desserts or appetizers.

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Thanks for noting these, I’ve gone through and fixed them. The two kids’ meals at Tangierine are NOT Snack-Credit eligible. The Nudel Gratin IS eligible, but should be classed as a Side. The Muesli at Sunshine Seasons is NOT Snack-Credit eligible. The Croissant Jambon Fromage is correct as-is.

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Thanks for fixing the database.