Can someone clear up how it works to pay while using a TA?

Hi awesome all knowing peeps!!
Awhile back, we visited a TA just to get an idea about how much it would cost for our trip. I remember her telling us something about depositing $200 and then paying the rest 45 days before the trip… can someone confirm this? Is that $200 refundable? We are using a TA, but she has been on an extended vacation (a perk of being a TA I suppose!) and hasn’t been able to respond to my messages via email. I’m trying to figure out how exactly to do this, because we will not be able to pay in full for a few weeks yet, but my window for my FP+ will be sooner than when we can pay in full.

Please advise, glorious peeps of forums!!

The $200 has nothing to do with using a TA. All WDW packages require a $200 deposit, and the balance to be paid 45 days before the reservation begins. Yes, until that 45 day mark, the $200 is refundable. You do not need to pay in full in order to make FP+ reservations.


That was in my brain too, but I needed to make sure! (In my story, the TA part was just because I would ask her, but was unable to reach her!) Thank you so much :smile:

Please don’t take this the wrong way and not to discredit your TA, but all TAs I have ever worked with answer all communications from me even when they are on vacation. At the very least they have a back-up co-worker in place to help them. You may want to check out your options for a TA. Who do you contact if the TA is on vacation and you are in need of assistance during your trip? Just want you to be aware that just because they are on their own vacation, it isn’t normal for a TA to leave their clients hanging.

You know, I think the same thing! However, she is in Mexico- I wonder if her internet availability isn’t the greatest. I have considered using a different TA- but I’m having a hard time finding one that can use my corporate discount. I didn’t take it the wrong way either :wink:

Oh, great @AlwaysMouseTime. Sometimes things sound snarky on here and I didn’t want that to be the case with my reply! So, do you also live in Mexico or she is the only one you could find that can take the corporate discount? There was a list of Liner TAs here. I will look and see if that list is still available. Maybe you could check with some of them? I have a great TA and would be happy to refer you if you just want to email her to see if she can help at all. Let me know and I can private message you with her info. She is also a Liner.

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This link is from the Liner TA thread. @Len gave permission for a list to be posted.

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It’s totally okay to be away… but a good TA (or a good, well, anything really) has a backup person covering the account when they’re away. Just sayin’.

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