Can off property friends visit us at our Disney Resort?

We have planned vacation to a Disney Deluxe Resort Hotel. However during our vacation we have some friends who are also in the Orlando area who are staying off property.

As we have a young family it would be easier for us to meet and spend some time with our friends at our Disney property.

  1. Is it possible to invite our off property friends to visit us at our Disney Deluxe Resort Hotel?

  2. Will they be able/allowed to park at the resort or indeed make it through the security point?

  3. Are they able to spend some time with us at the pool as our guests?

Any input much appreciate.

  1. Yes 2) Maybe not guaranteed depends on how busy and which resort. 3) No. Pools are for registered guests only.
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What deluxe resort? As of today it is more difficult but not impossible to have friends with you at the pool. You can ask for a guest pass for your friends if you are staying at one of the resorts with a fence (such as Poly, YC/BC, WL (?) ). As of today you would have no issue at AKL, BWI ( is GF or CR gated?)

Your friend may have to give your name and possibly room number when they drive up to the gate.

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If you happen to have dozens of spare magic bands sitting around, you could always give your friends the spare ones, which would make them appear to be you, and then just enter through different gates if you are staying at BC and trying to access SAB. But I would never consider doing this myself, and it would be against Disney policy.

Ahhhh! Someone hacked my account and is giving out nefarious advice!


I cannot believe I hadn’t thought of that- I am ashamed of myself!


1 - No problem at all. 2 - Hit or miss, depending on crowds. During the festivals, BC, YC, and BW will be VERY tight on who gets to park there. During the construction, the Poly was also very tight; don’t know if it’s changed since construction is complete. I don’t imagine it would be a problem at AKL as a lot of people go there to check out the lodge and look at the animals. Can’t help with GF or CR. 3 - Officially, no. As of last Nov there were no gates at the pool at AKL, and no one was checking IDs, so you might be able to “get away with it”. SaB at YC/BC is locked down pretty tightly. I can’t speak for the others. There may be “legal” ways to get a pass for guests to use the pool at your resort; I would check with the concierge desk.


Just checking on this post since it’s a couple of years old. We’re staying at Polly and have some friends staying at Disney Springs. Any updates on whether we can get them into the pool area?

You would have to sneak them, but might get in trouble if you get caught.

If the Poly is as strict as the Beach Club, there may be a cast member who comes around to scan everyone’s magic band.
Anyone who’s been at the Poly recently able to weight in? @PrincipalTinker?

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You could always ask but really you would have no problem getting them in with you without asking. At Poly there are gates around the pools. You need to use your magic band to open the gate but you could do that if they are with you.

Of course there could always be a cast member with a mobile scanner checking everyone but I have never seen that at the Poly. I did see it at WL but those gates did not need to be scanned open.

We were at beach club in December right before Christmas and friends were not allowed in SAB but we are DVC and they could go to the DVC pool. Another option that is not so nefarious although I do like the old magic band idea.