Can I waitlist if I have a reservation?

I have a reservation for next February. My 7 month booking is Monday and this morning the first day of the resort I was hoping to modify to became unavailable. I suspect people are walking reservations.

If I have a reservation, can I also waitlist one for the same dates? What would happen with my points? I have the points right now for both but in October I am planning on booking again and all of these options are confusing me.

Can I modify to a waitlist or would it be two bookings and a cancellation?

Pretty sure yes

Any guess how the points would be handled if it came through? I just read through 6 pages of MouseOwners. I am just trying to figure out if I should try.

No idea about that. Sorry. I can ask a friend of mine

I think I will just give it up. Thanks for your help.

“Your friend should call member services for the exact answer but if you wait list and it goes through it will cancel the first and take the wait list”

Thanks! Ok- maybe I will wait list…maybe I will change my mind 10 times between now and Monday?


I have a waitlist at BWV for the same days as my SSR trip. (I know it is wishful thinking!) There is actually a checkbox for something like “cancel 30 days prior to check-in” so that if your waitlist is fewer points those points don’t end up in holding. I don’t have ANY points left anywhere since I had to buy OTU points, so I’m 99% sure if the waitlist comes through it will take the points from the reservation it cancels.

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If you make a waitlist for the same dates as your reservation, you will be asked when setting up the waitlist whether it is to replace the existing one.

Be aware if you say yes, it will replace the whole of the existing one. Therefore if you only want to move for 4 days and you have a week in one reservation then you will be 3 days short.