Can I use two tickets in one day to get more FP?

My family will be cruising and will get one day park hoppers through the cruise. I won 4 one day park hoppers passes at a fundraiser, but we are cruising instead. I’m willing to activate both tickets so I’m not trying to get more FP’s on just one ticket.(The comp ones will expire before we go back the following year.) Can I enter Park #1 using my comp tickets with pre booked FP’s and then enter Park #2 with the cruise tickets? Do I need to scan a different finger at the turnstile?

Nope. Not allowed

Are you sure? This would be two-one day tickets?

I guess that is an interesting detail I overlooked. But I still don’t think it would be allowed.

The Ticket/Band has to scan through the turnstile before it will work for FPP now right?

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Can you just set up a different MDE account? Have one account for each ticket?

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I would think you could set up two people in an MDE account and assign one ticket to each. Then you set up FPs, and when you enter you would scan that ticket.

So I would use my regular acct for the cruise tickets and another MDE account for the comp tickets? But can I get into the park having activated both tickets so I could possibly use some pre-booked FP’s and some of the “golden FP’s” from the cruise?

Use 2 MDE’s and attach one set of tickets to each. Make FPP on both. It will work fine as long as you scan in the appropriate park with the matched ticket. If you plan on using all FPP in one park, just make sure you exit the tapstyles and re enter with the second ticket. I have done this before, it works fine. Just remember what rides are on which account, otherwise you feel silly when the Mickey head turns the wrong color and you have to get out of the FPP line while you switch magic bands. Not that I did that more than two or three times. :rofl:

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@Wahoohokie thank you. I assume when I re enter I need to use a different finger at the turnstile, right?

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We used the same finger so I don’t think it matters.

It would be very weird if it did. The fingerprint scanner compares certain points on your finger to the ones stored with the ticket, it doesn’t compare the print to every single one stored that day. Hell, even comparing them to every print scanned in the last hour would take a lot of time. If it works anything like the scanner we have at work (I’m assuming they share some similarities) it doesnt even store the whole print, it uses reference points to create a number and this is what is linked with your band/ticket, not a print like you see on police shows


Great explanation. I knew it but was too lazy to type it out! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I thought it was matching the fingerprint (or the points) to the ticket/MB so if you used the same print/points in one day on a different ticket it would raise a red flag somewhere. But I guess not.

I have heard it said that prints and tickets are even stored as groups. Meaning that all the tickets and all the fingerscans for the people you are grouped with can be stored together. Somebody tested this… maybe the touringplans youtube page.

Meaning, if you grab your spouses magic band by accident and use it to scan in - with your fingerprint… as long as the ticket you use and the finger scan are linked together in MDE, it will turn green. That way there isn’t a holdup everytime a family of 5 has two kids grab the wrong magic bands.

Found it in the big book:
“If you’re buying admission for your entire family and you’re worried that you won’t be able to keep everyone’s tickets straight, Disney’s computer system should have every family member’s data linked to every ticket, allowing anyone in your group to enter with anyone else’s ticket. We’ve confirmed this by having a platoon of our researchers swap MagicBands with each other; all were admitted.”

Sehlinger, Bob; Testa, Len. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018 (The Unofficial Guides) (Kindle Locations 2206-2207). Unofficial Guides. Kindle Edition.

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