Can I use touring plans on two phones?

Can I use my password and download the app on two phones so that my daughter and I both have access? We will be in the park together but she has one touring plan made and I have a different one.



Would it work on two phones following the same plan?

Thank you. We want to keep optimizing one plan and see how accurate the other one is.


@MichelleinNH a little research of your own?

Yes! I’ve never used a touring plan before so I’m so excited to see it in action!

I’m so sorry I’ve been bombarding the forum with so many questions. This is such a great resource that I wish I had found years ago!

Happy travels everyone!


@MichelleinNH you will love the plans. I will tell you that I don’t always use them any more for we go so often, it is a different type of experience, however when we go at CL 8 and above I dust them off and definitely use. Several years ago I took my niece (age 12) and her parents, we did a longer trip, split stay hotels and it was her first visit. I printed out the plans and she fell in love with them (definitely a future liner). We have since made it a yearly Easter trip and when I don’t do the plans and print them out for her she is disappointed. This year for the first time we are staying off site (rented a house) for which I am now regretting a little bit given the crowd level predictions and missing EMH. She was so funny telling me don’t worry Aunt Liz you have those magic sheets that help us beat all the lines, we will be fine. I just laughed.

Wishing you all the best on your next trip. Enjoy and do report back your research with optimizing while in the park. I usually don’t do that for I don’t like being on my phone the entire time, but I may have to this trip for we are bringing a friend of my niece for whom it will be her first visit and crowd levels seem crazy and I do want niece’s friend to get the full experience.

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