Can I use Starbucks app to order? pay?

I couldn’t mobile order, nor pay for my drinks with my app at Carowinds amusement park.

Will I be able to do mobile ordering and pay with my Starbucks gift cards in the parks?

Also - is there a Starbucks in EP?

Darn it I thought you were asking about the Starbucks app.


The Starbucks in EP is in the new Connections Cafe

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I am. The gift cards are loaded onto my phone app.


Then yes.

You can use the app to pay

I don’t think any of the locations offer mobile ordering

You can earn rewards but not spend them.

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Ok. So walk in and order, but can pay with phone! I can do this.


My friend/coworker gave me a $50 card when I moved last year. And I saved it for this trip! :coffee:


AFAIK that is correct for the in-park locations.

You can Mobile Order at the Disney Springs locations. Used that to step out of a very long line at the one next to WoD in May.