Can I use Disney Gift Cards at park restaurants?

Pardon what may seem like an obvious question, but if I purchase Disney GCs at Target, can I use them to pay for meals at all Disney Park restaurants? Anything I am finding is from at least a year ago and give a vague “yes”, but friends recently had trouble using their cards at both counter service and character meals in the parks.

Is there a recent and clear cut answer to this?

Thanks so much!!

We purchase Disney gift cards regularly and have never had a problem using them anywhere on Disney property. Used them in restaurants and shops in the parks, resorts and Disney Springs.

There are some Disney Store Gift Cards that are specifically for Disney (retail) Store and Disney Store online…but these seem to be quite rare (I am not even sure if the only way you get your hands on these is from possibly store credits etc?) But regular Disney Gift Cards can be used anywhere in the parks.

Thanks to both of you! That was always my experience but we haven’t been to WDW since 2011 and I wondered if there had been a change when our friends related their story.

I’m guessing maybe it was just a fluke? Who knows.

I feel less worried about going the gift card route again, though, so thanks!

Has anyone who is staying offsite but using MagicBands been able to link their GCs to their MBs?

Are you staying onsite? If you are, you can always charge things to the room and the night before check out (or periodically during your stay) pay the tab off at the front desk of your hotel with the GCs. This has been successful for me in the past.

Nope, we are staying offsite. :grin:

You can also use them for tips, I’ve been told.

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When I last went we were told you can’t link your magicband to pay for things if you are staying offsite. That was in 2015 so it might have changed but I think you may have to take the gift card with you to pay for items if you are staying offsite.

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Yes, you can use your gift card to pay for tips. They will run the dining charges through the gift card just as they would a credit card, then add the gratuity and the balance on your card will be adjusted according. We just discovered this our last trip.

No, I don’t believe you can link the gift card to your magic band regardless of where you are staying. I believe, only a credit card. So yes, you will need to carry the card with you.

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