Can I use DAS to "check in" to a ride en route to pre-RD ADR?

We’ll be in AK in November. We have an 8:15 ADR at Tusker House and a 12:45 FP+ for Navi.

My son has lots of trouble with lines and crowds so we’re planning to use the DAS program to allow him to experience FoP. I need to check in at FoP early so that we can ultimately ride it just before or after Navi.

My question is, once they let us into the park early, are we guided directly to the restaurant? Or would I have the ability to peel off from my group and check-in at FoP before going to eat?

My original plan was for me to leave breakfast early, walk all the way down to Pandora to check-in, then walk back to Africa for our morning safari ride and other plans. I’d love to avoid criss-crossing the park like that if possible.

(Or, alternatively, can I stop by guest services before breakfast and get the DAS return time then? We will have initially obtained the DAS the day before AK and it’s not clear if they can make additional check-ins for us or not)


I don’t have personal experience of this - our trip is in May 2019 but there was a WDW Lines Chat where this question was asked. The people there said it depends on the CM at Guest Services. One liner said of the 6 times they have been to AK, there were 2 or 3 times the CM scheduled the DAS FOP, the other times one of their party had to walk to the ride to get the DAS time.

Thanks for the reply! AK is our 2nd park day, so we’ll already have the DAS on our account. I wasn’t planning on stopping by guest services at all that morning, although I guess I could try.

The park must be opened and there must be a wait time in order for them to make a return time. This is why when a ride goes down they can not give you a return time.

So no you can not get a return time before breakfast unless there is EMH that starts at 8 am.