Can I request a room I didn't book?

I booked a standard room at CBR. However, I wouldn’t mind a water view room. Can I request a water view…?

Are you willing to pay the price differential? :smile:

Seriously, if you do I think it would be ignored, since that’s not what you paid for. You might get some pixie dust, but I would count on it.

You can request whatever you want. However, the conventional wisdom is that you are better off making requests that you are actually entitled to, as upgrade requests are highly likely to be ignored.

i think there are requests you can make that can backdoor certain rooms, if their is availability, but I don’t remember specifics

At any hotel you can ask if they have any free upgrades when you get there. Sometimes hotels prefer to do this, move you to another room that isn’t booked, so they free up the one you have. It’s not likely but it NEVER hurts to ask. I have a friend who asks for upgrades for flights and hotels every single time and every so often he gets first class and suites. It’s worth a shot.

I’m pretty sure @Len just talked about requesting a better room than he paid for at POR and getting what he asked for. So, it’s possible you’ll get the water view you request. If you don’t have any other strong preferences about where you stay, then it wouldn’t hurt to try.

My last stay at POFQ was upgraded from a standard to water view. I asked for 3rd floor standard view rooms in Building 1, and got upgraded to a water view around the corner from those.

That’s probably a good approach. Ask for whatever you’re entitled to, as near as a water-view room as is acceptable. You can put something like “…or a room near these” at the end. That might happen to be water-view. Good luck!

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It never hurts to request it, as long as you don’t expect it. We asked for a Savannah view when we booked standard at AKL and got a wonderful view with lots of animals. It was still technically a standard room but was pretty premium int hat class I would guess.

Thank you, everyone. My main goal is to get a room in a certain building. It would be a nice bonus gift if it happened to be water view.

I’ve put in the certain building requests at Pop that were technically preferred buildings after booking a standard, and got them.

+1: I faxed in a room request last Fall at CBR and didn’t realize it was a Preferred room when we booked Standard. The cast member mentioned my mistake, but said they were able to accommodate.

Was a beautiful view, too!

I requested a room close to the food court at POR and was upgraded to preferred. Did the same at CBR and was upgraded again. I didn’t specifically ask for something I wasn’t paying for, but they made it happen.
This being said, I am paying preferred for both those resorts from now on. They are that much more convenient
I requested a boardwalk view at BW and was curtly informed that I would have to pay for that upgrade :wink:

So, which standard building is closest to Old Port Royale? Martinique 22 or Jamaica 45?

I’ll request a room near the food court, but also wanted to list building preference to be safe. Appreciate all of the feedback!