Can I leave my car at the Polynesian to go to MK with Ohana reservations?

Can I leave my car at the Polynesian to go to MK with Ohana reservations and an MK park reservation for the day? We have 5:15 dinner reservations at Ohana and then want to go over to the Halloween Party from 6-midnight. What’s the worse that can happen?

The worst that can happen is they tow your car, but I don’t know if that’s ever happened. I make ADRs all the time at the Poly and go to the MK.


We had Ohana breakfast reservation in June and parked at Poly and spent the day in MK. It’s all good.:+1:


They began putting color-coded flyers on cars parked at GF for dining last weekend. Has that stopped?

That’s new. I wonder if they doing that bc it’s party season at MK.

We did this at Chef Mickey’s for the Halloween party in 2019. We had a 5:15 reservation and were able to park at 2pm. No issues.

They began handing them out with instruction to place it in your window.

Do they force you?


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Wouldn’t it make more sense to give them to overnight guests? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Because you’d WANT to put it in your car to avoid being towed for NOT having it.

No flyer, no parkie park

They aren’t too smart over there in teh dinsey


I specifically asked about that and was told every single car in the lot had a flyer?

Interesting. Because the folks that I know who got a flyer - threw it away :laughing: