Can i get a FastPass before park opening using MaxPass?

Hi, I’m planning a 1-day visit to DL soon, and am planning to buy MaxPass for the first time (MaxPass wasn’t in place last time I visited in 2016). I’ve seen many tips/FAQs about MaxPass, including how once you are in the park and buy/activate MaxPass via the app, you can secure a FP immediately. But none of them specifically say whather you can do that before the official park opening time–i.e., during that time starting about 30 minutes prior to the official park opening when they let people into Main Street to wait for the rope drop. Can you secure your first FP during that pre-official opening time with MaxPass, or do you have to wait until the official opening time? – Dan

We were at DLR in April and used MaxPass. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure that I was able to make my first FastPass prior to the official opening after I had entered the park.

We were there last August and used the MaxPass. On our first day we were in the park before open in the line for GotG and I purchased our MP and secured our first FP of the day while we were there waiting. It was great!!

We are here now, and you can still book as soon as you come through the gates, before opening. Love Maxpass!