Can I download all my photos in photo pass/memory maker at once?

It’s a pain in the butt to try to download or share each photo individually.


You can go through and select them on the website and download all the selected ones. However when I did this last week it kept giving me an error and downloading only one. I believe you can buy a USB with all of them though.

On the screen where you see them in the gallery, hover over one to see a gray check, click it to make it green. Select all you want and then download (button at top). I like selecting either one day or one park at a time to keep it organized.

Just a heads up that and video clips for some reason end up downloading separately, not in the same zip as the rest of your selection.

you logon to MDE on a desktop and download from there - here’s a walk through from a site

If you get errors, make sure your browser isn’t blocking popups. This was my problem. Turned off pop-up blocker and it worked.

  1. as @bigmikeh1965_639024 suggests, use a PC web browser to connect to MDE

  2. as @JordanRunner suggests, turn off popup blocking

  3. select one item and then a “select all” checkbox becomes visible

Just another MDE quirk to tease your brain.

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