Can I buy eggs in WDW?

I’m on a high-protein diet and I typically eat eggs for breakfast. Since I don’t want to pay (or waste time) for breakfast, I was curious if there is anywhere in the park where I could buy eggs. Figured this was the best place to ask.


What kind of eggs? You will have to pay for them there and the lines are longer to buy eggs /breakfast in the parks,

What are you thinking of doing? Here is a link to all the eggs in the menus on Lines.

Depending on where you are staying (if you are at one of the dvc resorts) you can buy eggs in the store and coon in your room…wouldn’t work in a regular resort room!

We’re staying at Port Orleans - Riverside and we are bringing a travel griddle. So I’m looking for raw eggs if I can get them. I called Hess and they only sell hard boiled.

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Do you have a car? Otherwise, you can go to the contemporary, Beach club, OKW, SSR, or WL, or Boardwalk and get eggs in their stores. DVC resort gift stores have foods available to cook.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I don’t want to pay for breakfast at Boatwright’s or something because that would take a long time and cost a fortune (and we are trying to get to rope drop every day).

We won’t have a car because Disney is taking us from the airport to the hotel in the shuttle. If I have to settle for hard-boiled for a week I could do it.

(BTW, I lost 70 lbs on this diet.)


Sounds good @alitig1. What’s the easiest to get to from Port Orleans?

Well, if you go to the MK on your first day and bring a bag with you to carry the eggs, you could use the resort monorail as you leave the MK, get off at the Contemporary, walk to the store on the same level as the monorail lets you off (towards the balcony where you can watch fireworks on the 4th floor) then go downstaairs and walk back to the Mk to the POR bus at the MK bus depot. It could work, I think.

Or, you could take the POR boat to DTD and get on a boat at DTD to SSR and go up the stairs and go shopping then back down the stairs back to the boat, back to DTD then on a different boat back to POR.

Or on an Epcot or DHS day end your night at the boardwalk store and bring eggs back with you.

Congrats on the weight loss, make sure you hide the travel griddle in your room because you are not supposed to cook in Disney rooms.

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but when I’m looking for some protein, I buy boiled eggs in the food court at Pop Century in the refrigerator case, and keep them cold in the fridge in the room. That makes for a quick breakfast on the go. Since we drive to WDW, I’ve also brought a big bag full of hard boiled eggs from home before too. Good luck!

Yeah, I may do that instead. Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome!

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You could order them from garden grocer, but there’s a $40 minimum order I believe. (That would be a lot of eggs!) :slight_smile:

Probably cheaper to go with There’s only about a $15 fee that way.

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I would be concerned with you having a travel griddle in the room. It’s a fire hazard an not allowed.

I did something similar in January at SSR. I brought a two burner portable stove top for my scrambled eggs in the morning. I did have the advantage of living nearby and just brought everything I needed with me. Good luck on your egg hunt.

I just cleaned out the Hess gas station of hard boiled eggs. I only got 6 though, but the guy told me to call a week ahead next time. I’ve had 1 a day, but it’s working for me.