Can I book a new FastPass+ for a different park than I'm currently in?

I had a quick question about booking additional FastPass+ reservations once the original three advance reservations are used. Once all three original advance FastPass+ reservations are used for one park, can i then book a FastPass+ reservation for a different park without actually visiting the other park (with park hopper tickets of course)?

My situation is this: We are visiting Animal Kingdom, then transitioning to Epcot after AK closes for evening magic hours in Epcot. I would like to use my three advance AK fast passes in the morning/early afternoon, then proceed to make an Epcot FastPass reservation from my phone while still in the AK park. Then, once we transition to Epcot in the evening, we will have a FastPass reservation waiting for us.

Is this possible, or would I need to physically hop to Epcot to make such a reservation?


Yes! After you use the first 3 the 4th can be booked via the app at any park.

That being said AK can be done very easily at RD without FPP. I would hold my FPP for EP where the tiers make me want to tear my hair out.

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Agree with AuntB - consider making all FPP for Epcot.

Thanks a lot for the answer and great advice.