Can I be renting a locker while my kid stands in line for motorbike ride?

Is it possible for me to put my daughter in the extremely long motorbike ride line while I get us one of the lockers by the ride?


You can put your daughter’s items in a locker and wait for her to return.

If you want your daughter to get in the line and then you join her you “can” do it. Most people find it annoying though… It’s best for your entire party to enter the queue together


Renting lockers takes less than a minute usually. Just wait to enter the queue until after you have your stuff in a locker (only bags…you can phones and such in your pockets). It is considered poor etiquette to do otherwise…and it saves you almost nothing in time not to.


Yes, don’t be this person who wants to join the one person saving a place in line (especially if you have others in your party).