Can I add time restrictions to toddler-oriented games while optimizing?

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if there is any way to force some of the attractions to be on a specific time frame, while optimizing the rest. We are travelling with a 2-year old, so riding toddler games is a must, but when I ask the customized plan to optimize it always schedules those games for after 10 PM (we will be using EMH), which is too late for her (she will most likely be sleeping in her stroller). Any ideas or suggestions on what to do? (besides doing the scheduling manually)


I suppose the first thing to try is to put in an FP time for those attractions that have them. Rides like Dumbo and Peter Pan, Aladdin’s Carpets etc all have fastpasses.

Add those and tick the box to force Optimiser to use your FP times.

I would probably optimize first. Then move the things that are scheduled too late to a time that’s better for you and try evaluating from that point on.