Can I add resort meals and resort hopping to my plan online?

So I have several times where we leave a park for a dinner at a resort as well as a day where we will resort hop a bit and have dinner at a resort. I’d like these in my plans so I can work them in time wise and to keep organized. I can’t figure out if this option exists can anyone help? Thanks!

You can put them in as breaks and put I notes that tell you what the break is for. For example, three hour break to go to Kona for dinner.

Ok, I did that but then it cannot compute the best time, right? If my ADR is at 5 I have to figure out the time I need to travel, unkind in the park it optimizes my plan to be more efficient? I am disappointed that I can’t fully incorporate everything

Yes, you have to tell your plan the time you need for that break.

Sure you can. Take your break and enjoy it. Once you’re back in the park, hit “optimize” and you’ll be back on track. :slight_smile: enjoy your trip!