Can I add a day to the front of my package without messing it up?

We booked our package before making a daily plan. Our plan was to stay outside the gate the first night because the hotel was half the cost for our family of 5. We have free dining staying at POR and I’m realizing that the dining credits would cover the cost difference for the room. We will be arriving between 6-10 pm so park tickets aren’t a need. We are arriving Aug 26 so I can’t risk losing FP this late.

As long as there are rooms available with that promotion, they can add on a day without messing everything else

At 26 days?

The worst they can say is no. You’d have to pay the extra day since you’re within the 45, and since it is so close, room availability is probably slim, but it wouldn’t hurt to call. And it shouldn’t have any affect on fast passes

Omg I picked literally the worst day to call. I’m trying anyway. Thanks for the help!

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